Crassostrea brasiliana e Crassostrea rhizophorae (Cananeia); Crassostrea giga (Santa Catarina)

The country’s most well-known production centers are Cananéia (in São Paulo state) and Florianópolis (in Santa Catarina), although oysters are also grown in other parts of Santa Catarina’s coast. The variety farmed in the brackish mangrove waters of Cananéia is native to the area, smaller in size and with a milder flavor. Santa Catarina is responsible for 80% of the country’s production. Signs of freshness apply to both: shiny, moist flesh, adhered to the shell and smelling of sea. Oysters can be eaten raw, with a few lemon drops, steamed or broiled. In both regions, the best time to buy is the winter (June-August), when oysters are more plump.